Introducing the Calgary Kayak Club

Introducing the Calgary Kayak Club

The Calgary Kayak Club is a relatively informal organization of whitewater kayakers (NOT sea or lake kayaking) in the Calgary area. We are a registered Society in Alberta and a member club of the Alberta Whitewater Association (AWA).

The main activities of the CKC include organizing the Kananaskis Whitewater Festival (KWF) and Kayak Polo at the SAIT pool in Calgary. We also host Calpaddle, an on-line paddling forum for the Calgary area. While we do NOT organize formal trips or lessons, we do provide a framework of insurance, bank account, society status etc. for members to organize any events they care too.

If you are looking for lessons, organized trips, or gear rentals please refer to our Links page where you will find various organizations that can help you out.

The Kananaskis Whitewater Festival (Kanfest) will be held August. This event aimes to bring together the local paddling community from expert to beginner. The focus is fun. This year we have added a number of clinics and guided river runs. In addition, all proceeds are used for upgrades and maintenance to the Kananaskis River. Since 2000 the KWF has raised over $24,000 for river work. Through various grants from government and orther donors we have been able to leverage this seed money into many times the orginal $24K and have completed a number of major projects on the river.

Yukon Polo began in Calgary in 1997 with 6 friends getting together to play during the regular U of C pool sessions. We have since moved to the SAIT pool where we currently play Thursday nights with about 35 regular players. Again, the focus is more on fun than competition and our modified rules (yes there are official international rules that we DO NOT use) definitely reflect this.

If there is anything you would like to organize, contact an executive and we'll do what we can to facilitate it.

Jeff Germaine
President - Calgary Kayak Club

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